Wablio API

Access to servers, plugins and other services
Do you want to get the most out of your server or plugin? Use the Wablio API to access information about your servers, plugins and game data from one place.
  • Information about your serversComing soon If your server is online, how many players are on the server, a list of voters...
  • Information about your pluginsComing soon Listing of all customers, information on all plans, sales statistics...
  • Smart API for developers Information about all Minecraft versions, packet versions of Minecraft...

How does it work?

Step by step...
  • 1. Register or login to your user
  • 2. Generate API token for accessing the Wablio API
  • 3. You are taking advantage of the Wablio API


All Wablio API documentation can be found in detail below. Open documentation

API for developers

Developers to developers. We know for ourselves what it is like to obtain current information from sources that are not easy to read in the program. Is something missing here? Write us!
Coming soon

API for your servers

Get useful information about all your servers. Overview of all voters, number of scores, server status and other interesting statistics.
Coming soon

API for your resources

Are you creating a plugin on our platform and want to involve the community or manage your customers in the development? Get all the information you need conveniently.